In the hearts of fishermen around the world, the "East Cape of the Baja" conjures visions of incredible, big game fishing. Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Sail Fish and Dorado, Wahoo and Roosters, Yellow fin and Sierra. You"ll find them all in the legendary waters of the Sea of Cortez off the East Cape of the Baja.

These productive and reliable clear-blue waters are renowned as one of the world"s top 5 big-game fishing destinations. Whether a life-time fisherman or casting live bait for the first time, you"ll find a truly extraordinary fishing adventure awaits you.

And the best news is, Baja's Awesome Sportfishing is the East Cape RV Resort's sister company and both are managed by Theresa Comber and her capable crew. The blue waters of the Sea of Cortez are our headquarters – we know them from 40 miles south to 40 miles north to 40 miles out and all spots in between. Each day when we shove off from our calm, sandy shore it's our purpose to provide you the very best fishing day possible. And, there's a lot to know about catching the myriad species we hunt here and our Captains and Crew come with deep experience and enthusiasm for the pursuit. For those like us, fishing may be our chosen lifestyle. But in our community and for our Captain's and crews, it's their been their way of life for generations and they have fishing in their blood. Much of their fishing experience began as little "ninos", learning from their fathers, uncles, grandfathers and even great grandfather's. Awesome Sportfishing will be proud to have you on board and help you, too, to learn some of the tricks of the trade these fishermen possess. Just ask - both Captain and Crew will be happy to share their skills. They may point out an almost imperceptible surface movement indicating a dorado just below, and then of course it'll be easy for you to see when a not so subtle marlin is blasting furiously from the water after grabbing a well thrown live bait.

We know fishing is equal parts Captain, Crew and boat, all spritzed with a bit of luck. Our two boats that just seem to bring along luck include "Awesome" and "Too Awesome". We believe that between them they offer the two best fishing platforms available for fishing the Sea of Cortez.

At 32" long with a wide 12" beam, "Too Awesome" is the cream of the crop for discerning fishermen. Equipped with two new 370 Cummins Diesels, her speed, responsiveness and handling will clean the clock of any other boat this size. She sits sleek and sexy on the water, and she boasts an especially accommodating layout. In addition to the two engine covers the size of twin beds that come in handy for resting between catches, up above in the bridge is a 5 foot guest bench situated in front of the Captain's helm. It's a great viewing platform and social area as well as a good spot to be with the Captain on the run in and out from the shore. A full cabin, full head, v-berth and dinette assure all the comforts needed for a beautiful day on the water. "Too Awesome" easily meets the needs of demanding anglers and is perfect for families, or those that want to experience a fishing day without getting dirty, yet also for mixed age groups.

At 30" long with an unparalleled 12-1/2" beam, "Awesome" astounds our new guests with her roominess and is an absolute favorite with East Cape anglers, who considered her the quintessential day boat. She is fast with a new 315 Cummins diesel. Based on her spacious beam size, "Awesome's" enviable layout can manage 5 fishermen all hooked up across the stern without touching elbows. "Awesome" is especially proud of her tall bridge – the tallest in the East Cape fleet without a tower and a great lookout for "hunting" the seas.

At Awesome Sportfishing we know that our fishing vacations are precious and when on the Sea of Cortez you may want to share the extraordinary experience with family and friends. We"ll welcome you aboard either boat if you have a bigger clan - we can actually accommodate 8 total guests and up to 6 anglers.. Our Captains and Crews are bilingual to assure your English questions are answered and to give you have a chance to practice your Spanish.

Compared worldwide, fishing in Mexico is affordable, productive, fun and rewarding. During RV season, we'll hook you up with other fishermen if you'd like and then get you all "hooked up"!

We look forward to providing you a big "Bienvenidos" and welcome aboard Awesome Sportfishing.

Good Question, Cool Answer: Why do the sportfishing boats fly those flags?
As part of the sportfishing tradition in our region, returning boats after a day at Sea want to share with other boats, captains, guests what was caught aboard that day. Different flags differentiate different species. For example, a yellow flag represents Dorado (called Mahi Mahi in the Hawaiian Islands and Dolphin Fish in the East Coast); a white flag represents Tuna; a blue flag represents a Marlin or Sail fish; a red flag represents a Rooster fish; an orange flag represents a Wahoo. After catching and releasing a billfish, a red pendant style flag will be flown to notify others that the fish was released after being fought, in order to protect and promote the species.